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Ryan Seamons, Product Manager at LinkedIn – How I Work


Ryan Seamons, now leading development of LearnIn, is constantly driven to change the way people learn at work.

His specialties include product management, user experience, UX, talent management, web development, change management, LinkedIn, career coaching, employee engagement, learning and development.

Here’s Ryan.

Where in the world are you?

San Francisco

What company?



My desk is behind the big ‘IN’ sign. My coworker built the swing set in our space. Pretty exciting to have my desk shown in a cnbc article.

iPhone or Android?

iPhone. I’ve gone back and forth a couple times. Pros and cons for both.

 iphoneiphone1 iphone2

Desktop or laptop?

Laptop. Loving my MacBook air.

One word that describes how you work.


Apps/software/tools: you can’t you live without in the professional world?

Gmailgoogle calendar, and google voice for communicating. A little part of me dies every time I have to use outlook. I’m using google hangouts more and more with family and co-workers. Wunderlist for tasks. Trello for managing my product roadmap. Evernote for notes (the secret to this being really useful is to use it for everything). DropboxFeedly with reeder for feeds. Pocket for read it later. DeliciousPhotoshopTwitter bootstrap to start any web development project. Sublime Text for coding. Google Chrome for everything.

What’s your workspace like?


What’s your best time saving trick?

Inbox Zero. Here are my current inboxes. Merlin Mann changed my life. It’s not about spending time in email. It’s about harvesting tasks (thus I love wunderlist).





Is HR outsourced in your company? In-house? 50/50?


Besides your phone and computer, what gadget can’t you live without?

Dual monitor. Once you get used to it, you’ll NEVER go back.


What do you look for when in need of professional advice?

Ask the smartest people I know (who I track as a tag in LinkedIn contacts). Delve into my fairly extensive delicious library (5321 links right now).

 What are some books you’d recommend for HR professionals looking for more insight on leadership?

Love WorksFirst, Break All the RulesReworkConscious Business.

What are your favorite beats at work? Spotify or Pandora?

Grooveshark. I love soundtracks. I played in orchestras and philharmonics all growing up and in college. When I need to come up with great ideas, Star Wars. When I need to get something done, Borne Identity.

What makes a good blog?

Teach me how to do something, don’t just give me opinions. What I’m trying to do with my brand new blog at learninghacker.com

What’s your go-to social media outlet? Why?

LinkedIn. I work there, and it’s the hub for my professional live (connections, communications, finding people, and news).


Knowing what you know now from your school/career, what advice would you give an HR rookie?

Get a job for the experience, not for the paycheck. Don’t do things just because that’s the way they’ve always been done.

“I’d love to see ______ answer these same questions.”

Tony Hseih, Jeff Weiner, or Thomas Monson.

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