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Frequently Answered Questions

Talentsocket is building new products, services and businesses that facilitate and enhance better human interactions around HR and technology resources. Questions? Here are some answers.

What is Talentsocket?

A: Talentsocket is a community of HR professionals (and a few others) built around Agile HR. Agile HR is adopting the best practices that have come from Silicon Valley around new methodologies, tactics and strategies to try and ensure that you’re building the right thing, in the shortest period of time. Talentsocket is focused on taking these new ideas and mapping them to HR in order to improve outcomes, and move HR from a compliance based need and a ‘cost center’, to a strategic powerhouse that actually drives business value. We’re not just pushing paper.

Why Talentsocket?

A: The changes that are happening in HR are widely distributed and existing stakeholders have a lot of interest in keeping control of the flow of and access to information. For most, an HR department that’s actually a strategic business asset causes their eyes to boggle. We’re for the ones who get excited by that. Throw in your lot with us, and see what happens.

Can I become an author?

A: Yes, if you’re pushy, opinionated, and want to change HR. Contact us.