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Demos are being upgraded to mirror the brand new Container paradigm as well as EBR (Version Based Redefinition) and may include references to CDBs, PDBs, and other objects you might not be acquainted with resembling CDB_OBJECTS_AE: Welcome to 12c and beyond. Hopefully these steps have been easy to follow and you'll have wealthy snippets exhibiting up in the SERPs sometime soon. SQL> choose user_id, username from dba_users where username like 'DEMO%'; USER_ID USERNAME — —– 111 DEMO. For Vacation spot Desk, select your dataset and enter the desk identify in the Vacation spot desk identify field. Serps use structured information to generate wealthy snippets, which are small items of data that may then appear in search outcomes. Splittable formats allow Hadoop to split information into chunks for processing, which is vital to efficient parallel processing. That is, in spite of everything, what Google really need – more of your content material, more customers spending longer on their web site and more customers spending cash with them. I'm utilizing the generic schema model on every website. To have database tidy we should always place users objects to his own area (tablespace is an allocation of area in the database that may comprise schema objects). Dans la boîte de dialogue Schéma – Nouveau, sur la page Général, entrez un nom pour le nouveau schéma dans la zone Nom du schémaIn the Schema – New dialog field, on the Common web page, enter a name for the new schema within the Schema identify box. When creating your individual schema markup, check out the Local Business classes to see which one best describes your small business. The web sites with these juicy eye-magnets aren't exploiting some loophole in Google. Odds are that your time is better spent rising your enterprise fairly than making an attempt to figure out the intricacies of microdata implementation.