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Talentsocket is a site that's trying to take what has been learned from agile methodologies (things like constant learning, iteration, action bias, short cycles, MVP, lean, scrum, etc) and apply that to HR. There are many companies that either don't have any experience with HR because they're young and just getting into the challenges that larger organizations face, or they're a large organization whose processes seem set in stone but there's a desire (usually by one thought leader or C level person) to make HR a more strategic part of the organization.

There's always been a cry from HR to be allowed a 'seat at the table', but the truth is that most HR departments don't merit a seat. Talentsocket is an attempt to give HR pros the tools and information that builds that seat and moves HR into a strategic asset for the organization. There are companies who have embraced both the need for productivity and how to achieve that, and the metrics needed to determine what's working, and what's not.

Our goal is to make all of that learning and information available to other organizations who want the most productive work force and understand that there's much to be learned from others.


Talentsocket is a website tailored to HR. We work in the intersection of technology, human resources and talent management, and our job is to assist HR leaders with the newest practices there is by giving you a holistic approach on how to do HR.


Talentsocket is an active community of professionals who work at the intersection of technology, human resources, and talent management. We want to revitalize HR practices with the newest, most effective technologies and practices and communicate them to you!

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