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The process of evaluating employee performance can be taxing on managers who don't understand or see the value in them. And unfortunately, most managers see performance reviews as bureaucratic admin work forced onto them by HR.

Here are some common mistakes managers make whilst completing performance reviews:

1. Confuse excellence with growth. Performance is different than growth. If you're evaluating growth, then you cannot neglect information or data that has been collected during the previous years for that specific position.

2. Too vague in responses. Avoid general statements, especially when judging an employees performance or talking about compensation during evaluation. The message you send to the employee should consist of specific things they're doing right, how they've already improved, and what they can do to grow.

3. Not listing measurable goals. Letting the employee walk away without a set of tracks or pathways to improve defeats the purpose of having a performance review in the first place. Don't forget to give them the opportunity and direction to measure their goals and achievements for next time.

4. Treating the evaluation process as a one-way street. It's a great idea to tell employees how their work is impacting the company's general goals, value, and culture. It's also important to remember that they are a huge part of the dialogue in performance evaluations. The most effective evaluations include a discussion with the employee.

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